jennibeans (burnlighteyes) wrote in fable_the_game,

marriage when you're evil.

okay, so in fable, my attractiveness meter is 100.
but so is my scariness meter. :{
how the fuxx0rz am i going to get a girlfriend? (or boyfriend?)
how do you make your scariness meter go down?
same with raising your good deeds points.. it's so easy to be evil, but so hard to get good deed points. >.< do i just keep on killing bad guys until my evilness factor goes down?

...because i'm pretty evil. my eyes glow red.

is it honestly POSSIBLE to get married when you're an evil alignment?
it seems almost impossible..

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YOu have to have a good reputation, and wear clothing that makes you seem less fightening, such as, Bright Will User's Robes. Also, you need to get tattoos that lower your scariness meter, such as, the Firemonkey Tat, and those kind of things. Your character will also have much much better luck if he is younger, when you finish the game, your character's around 65. You can go donate thousands of gold at the Temple of Avo, but that's about the only way to lower age.
Change clothes.
Wear the Will User's Bright Outfit