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Just joined, and have quite a few things to say

First off, I'd like to ask what everyone's highest combat multiplier is? Mine is 224, but I plan to make it even better. Also, at that time I gained over 650,000 general experience.

Also, I'd like to tell that I own Oakvale. Literally, every building in Oakvale is mine. I even own the Tavern and the Barn. I gain about 5000 to 7000 gold every night in rent. My character has been both 100% good & 100% evil.

Now this is all on a game that I beat in about three days. The one thing about that game that really pisses me off is that you cannot keep the Sword of Aeons, and let your sister live. I tried the Herosave glitch, but i respawns you with your stick.

I really wish they'd made Fable as long of a story as it was supposed to be, but it's still quite possibly the best game ever created. The story is almost as good as Final Fantasy X, and the battle system is the best ever concieved.
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