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Awesome Scam!

So I'm tooling around Bowerstone South with my recently acquired 'Steal' abilities, when I walk into the general store shop thing just to the left of the cullis gate. Against the wall is a shelf with some chain pants. It gives me the Steal option. Okay, thinks I, and I move against the window out of everyone's line of sight. I save just before, thinking it'll be like 'last time'. Last time, I shoplifted something and while "no one" saw, when I tried to later go back to that shop, the clerk kept telling me I was trespassing and calling the guards. Whatever, though. It's late and I'm in the mood for mayhem.

I get as far away from the item as I can but having it still glow and I 'steal' it. It seems to be a success! No one noticed? On a whim, I go up to the clerk behind his wrap around counter to see if he'd be dumb enough to buy it, or would he notice they were already his and call the guards.

He buys them. For a really good price too, I might add.

Then he puts them back on the shelf. Wait, huh? Could I... do it again? I save. I try it. I do. I save. I try again. I steal again. I sell them back. Again.

Holy crap! You can pretty much steal and sell back the exact same pair of pants repeatedly. And, since you stole them/he "doesn't have any", he gives you a good price each time.

Short on cash? Steal pants!
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